WOentrecompMEN has been highly successful in enabling the Experienced Researcher (ER) to make significant contributions to the field of entrepreneurial competencies. This accomplishment was realized through the integration of American Frameworks, which offered diverse perspectives on competencies and expanded the understanding of the entrepreneurial competencies.

The ER also implemented innovative methodologies and tools rooted in competencies, fostering a more comprehensive approach to entrepreneurial competency development. Moreover, the project incorporated best training practices in entrepreneurship from a country revered as a global benchmark in this field.

Thanks to ER’s active involvement in numerous entrepreneurship conferences and participation in international training programs for entrepreneurship educators the project’s reach and influence have grown significantly.

The WOentrecompMEN provides the ER with the opportunity to attend prestigious international training programs for educators, facilitating the acquisition of valuable Entrepreneurship International Certificates. These programs include:

Additionally, WOentrecompMEN has played a central role in establishing a strong network of esteemed entrepreneurship scholars, hailing from renowned institutions like Indiana University, Babson College and University of Tampa where were organized short yet impactful visits. This collaborative effort has not only amplified the project’s influence but has also fostered the exchange of knowledge and the cross-fertilization of ideas on a global stage.

Indiana University

Visiting Dr. Donald Kuratko

Babson College

Visiting Dr. Candida Brush
& Dr. Heidi Neck

University of Tampa

Visiting Dr. Rebecca White